Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Cute Dog & Rabbit

Just thought I'd show these little knitted toys. They are knitted in Sirdar baby crofters. It's a lovely soft wool and knits up like a fair isle pattern so no need to keep changing balls of wool. I knitted the dog for a friend for her great grandson and the rabbit was for charity. It was on the counter in the store where I work and people paid £1 and chose a  name, it was very popular and raised over £50 for Save the Children. The toys are safe from birth as there are no loose items, the eyes are done using black wool and a darning needle rather sewing a button on. They are machine washable but not to be dried in the dryer, room temperature only. I've had these makes shown in Let's Knit and Knit Now and I was quite proud to see my name in print.


  1. Hi I picked you up in Rebecca's Blog these are fantastic and so happy to be a follower of your blog Especially the first that's dos not happen often Welcome to Blog land Love and Happy Crafting hugs Carole x

    1. Thanks Carole, I need to work out how to change the name on my blog so it incorporates my crafts and also how to follow others! X

  2. Hi Julie Thank you for your lovely comments Just thought I'd let you know how I comment I click on comments at the bottom of the post and the comment box will show along with all the other peoples comments you then add your comment and click on publish if it asks for a profile to comment as use your Google account. Also to follow a blog I usually use Google friends connect which is on most blogs just click on the join and then follow the instructions you need to put in your Google account password Good Luck starting a Blog is a minefield I started mine in February 2013 and am still learning Happy Easter Love and Happy Crafting Hugs Carole x